Passenger Records Seconds of Fall of Aircraft in Mexico

Passenger Records Seconds of Fall of Aircraft in MexicoA video recorded by passengers shows the seconds of the crash of an Aeromexico airline flight, during an emergency landing due to bad weather.

A passenger named Ashley Garcia managed to capture the tense moment when he was on a plane and then saved himself.

Launched from CBS News on Thursday (2/8/2018), the incident occurred on Tuesday ago to cause the engine of the aircraft on fire.

The plane that took off in the midst of a hail storm was forced to land emergency in a field, about 10 km from Durago Airport.

A total of 97 passengers and four crew survived the incident. Meanwhile, in the video recording was seen heavy rain from the window.

Panicked passengers were heard screaming loudly for a way out after the plane crashed on landing. “I got off the plane, I saw a lot of people. Blood poured from their faces, their lips were injured,” Garcia said. “I see some children suffered burns, really burned,” he added.

BBC reports, a passenger named Ramin Parsa said something was wrong a few moments after the plane took off from the airport.

He said, the plane began to shake and then hit the ground until it finally hit several trees, so it could stop when it fell into the ditch. “All the lights went out and then there was smoke in the cabin, people panicked and screamed,” he said. “This is the miracle of God, so we can survive,” he added.

Aeromexico airlines have never had a record of deadly accidents over the past decade. The airline management said it was too early to assess accidents caused by mechanical problems or human errors.

Meanwhile, local state governor Jose Rosas Aispuro said the plane was hit by strong winds that had to be an emergency landing.

The left wing of the plane hit the ground and the two engines were damaged.

Following are the seconds of the crash of the plane belonging to the Aeromexico airline recorded by passengers: