Panic atmosphere! Drones Burst During Military Events Attended by Venezuelan President

Panic atmosphere! Drones Burst During Military Events Attended by Venezuelan PresidentUnmanned aircraft (or popularly called drones) carrying explosives exploded during military events in Venezuela. The explosion occurred when Venezuelan President Nicolas Maduro was delivering a speech.

The incident occurred during the celebration of the 81st Venezuelan armed forces. Reported by Reuters on Sunday (08/05/2018), Information Minister Jorge Rodriguez called the unmanned aircraft carrying explosives that were deliberately detonated near the location of the event in the capital city of Caracas.

“This is an attempted murder. They tried to kill me,” Maduro said.

Maduro accused Colombian President Juan Manuel Santos of being the mastermind of the attempted murder. However, there is no evidence shown by Maduro.

“The one behind this attack was named Juan Manual Santos … the initial investigation led to Bogota,” Maduro added.

On the other hand, a resident who was visiting his family near the location told Reuters if the explosion was heard twice. The group calling itself the ‘National Army Movement in Causeway’ claimed responsibility for the attack. The group uploaded its claim on social media which said that if the two unmanned aircraft were deliberately flown towards the location but shot by snipers or snipers.

“We show that they are vulnerable. We failed today, but this is only a matter of time,” said the group claiming that it had been formed since 2014 to be the “opposition group of government”.

Last year, a Venezuelan police officer rebelled by hijacking a helicopter. He then opened fire on government buildings.

He called the action a resistance against a dictator. In the end, he died after being hunted by the Venezuelan military.