Obsessed So Vampires, This Couple Routine Drinks Human Blood

Obsessed So Vampires, This Couple Routine Drinks Human BloodLogan South (31 years) and Daley Catherine (30 Years) are not ordinary lovers. Obsessed living life as a vampire, the couple is ‘alive’ from drinking blood.

In addition to drinking blood, the couple from Texas also claimed life using sexual energy. Both of them even formed a special club for people with the principles of life just like them.

Logan and Daley have also recruited similarly enthusiastic and enthusiastic people who want to become vampires to join their exclusive club. Interestingly again, like the story of a vampire in a fairy tale or a movie, they claim to be ill if exposed to direct sunlight.

Being a vampire in the real world, does not mean they are wandering around and biting the human neck alive to get blood. How Logan and Daley drink different blood.
The pinprick is used to puncture the fingertips, and then the dripping blood is collected or sucked directly. When they do not become ‘vampires’, they will sleep until sunset.

“This vampire lives from energy, psychic vampires, and there are also vampires that live off of sexuality, not just sex, but energy from stimulation (sex),” Daley said, as quoted by Metro.
Not just living life as a ‘vampire’, Logan and Daley are also couple poliamori, namely a relationship of unlimited love with one person only. Despite having a boyfriend, Logan also has another lover who lives with them, named Ilona.
Back to the lakon as a vampire, Logan claimed to have started liking the blood taste since 15 years ago. Now, he regularly consume blood once a month.

“I eat from environmental energy in the room or from the crowd or from the donor (blood) where I feel the sexual energy from it,” said Logan, who along with Daley, dubbed the ‘Vampire Queen and Queen of Austin’.
Logan and Daley communities have been formed about six years ago and now there are 60 members. Usually they gather to share experiences when being ‘vampires’.
According to Logan, being a ‘vampire’ is not the way he gets the sensation to be known to many people. Vampires are not just a role play, but also the way they really live.

Logan, Daley, Ilona and other club members believe they can become sick and even die if they do not live as vampires.