Now handsome, the New Statue of Cristiano Ronaldo in Madeira

Now handsome, the New Statue of Cristiano Ronaldo in MadeiraThe statue of Cristiano Ronaldo at Madeira airport was made fun of. Now the statue has been replaced with a more handsome figure.

Last year the bronze face Cristiano Ronaldo became viral because it is considered not similar to the original figure. The statue is located at Madeira airport, the birthplace of Ronaldo, in Portugal.

The statue was then made a lot of fun. Memes are also found in social media.
because of the incident the Ronaldo family requested the statue be replaced. At the end of last week, the statue finally could not be found again at Madeira airport.

Instead placed a statue of Ronaldo who looks more handsome. The statue was replaced on the same day Ronaldo scored a hat-trick against the Spanish goal. So quoted by the BBC.
But the replacement of the statue turned out to cause pros and cons. Some people consider the old statue of Ronaldo could be an additional attraction for the island of Madeira.

There was even a petition asking for the old statue to be returned.