Messi should be happy in Nigeria vs Argentina match

Nigeria Vs Argentina: Messi Must Be HappyFace-up and depressed Lionel Messi in the 2018 World Cup became the focus of Pablo Zabaleta. He said it was a reflection of Messi’s head.

Argentina national team must undergo a decisive action towards the round of 16 with Nigeria at Krestovsky Stadium, Saint Petersburg,. Argentina must beat Nigeria and Iceland lost. If Iceland won, Argentina can still qualify as long as it is capable of winning goal difference.

Quite complicated conditions that must be met by Argentina after only collecting one point from two games in the Group D round. Argentina offset Iceland 1-1 and aground in the hands of Croatia 0-3.
Messi is highlighted with Argentina’s choked pace. his penalty against Iceland’s goal failed. He also did not move when Albiceleste face Croatia.

Zabaleta, who had been Messi’s team-mate in the Argentine national team, defended it through a note in the BBC column. He mentions that Messi is pouting then he will not enjoy the game.

“Messi is very excited to play in Argentina in 2002. I’m in the team, he scored a hat-trick against Brazil in New York, he played with the freedom and smile on his face,” said Zabaleta.

“His body language is the opposite of the game with Croatia, and seeing the very stressful and unhappy Leo at this World Cup is very worrying,” he added.

“He’s a friend of mine and a former teammate, sad to see him like that, he does not usually like that, it reflects the content of his head,” Zabaleta said.
But, Zabaleta sure Messi will rise in the third game. Messi, like a match that would already be a central player in the Argentine national team.

“And anyone who says he does not show performance in the national team like in the club is wrong.When I play in the national team with prayers, he is always a major player and the main figure.I’m sure he got up in the game later, because, it could be it will be his last game, “said Zabaleta.