Neymar When Combining Love on a Beautiful Island

Neymar When Combining Love on a Beautiful IslandNeymar continues to look slick in the 2018 World Cup. Outside the football field, he was also human. Need a holiday, with beloved lover.

Neymar became the star of Brazil’s victory over victory over Mexico, 2-0 in round 16 of the 2018 World Cup. He scored one goal and one assist, and became ‘Man of the Match’. Although, the action of rolling-gulingnya on the field continues to be conversations.

Before the 2018 World Cup, Neymar is actually struggling from injury recovery. Of course not only physically healed, but also the psychic condition so as not to stress.
In January yesterday, Neymar is known to visit a beautiful island with her lover, Bruna Marquezine. A beautiful model and aktirs Samba Country.

It was named Fernando de Noronha. It looks on bambingan Bruna through Instagram personally, brumarquezine as viewed detikTravel, Tuesday (3/7/2018).
Bruna posted some photos. Some are with Neymar, there are also when he was alone posing in the ciamik coast. Bruna provides location information, Pousada Maria Bonita Noronha. it is one of the resorts on Fernando de Noronha Island.
Fernando de Noronha is an exotic island off the mainland of Brazil, 350 km away. Can be taken by plane from Rio de Janeiro or Sao Paolo.

Fernando de Noronha has become a tourist destination in Brazil. The island offers tranquility, with a complete natural landscape from the green mountains to the coast with white sand.
The island is also home to a variety of animals. The natural beauty is maintained, the population is only 5,000 people. Tourist facilities, complete.

The Brazilian government limits tourist arrivals there, just 500 per day. It aims to keep the environment and calibaration, Fernando de Noronha is a national park area.

In fact, the Brazilian government set the entry fee to Fernando de Noronha. For foreign tourists, the price is USD 40 or approximately USD 570 thousands. The price is the same, apply for 10 days settled on the island.

During Neymar and his lover Bruna there, they look very much enjoying their holidays. Could be, that’s one way for Neymar not stress and quickly recover from injury. So, he can on fire in the 2018 World Cup until now and face Belgium in the quarterfinals later.