New This Time Melt Asphalt Tire in Australia

New This Time Melt Asphalt Tire in AustraliaAsphalt melt causes harm to residents of Tablelands, Queensland, Australia. Dozens of vehicles abandoned by their owners on the road due to melt tar that makes the tire sticky.

Reporting from the BBC, Friday (6/7/2018), no less than 50 residents get compensated after the asphalt on the streets in Tableland, Australia melted. The local government said the incident had never happened before.

“I’ve never seen anything like this, when the report came to us yesterday, it’s amazing,” said Tablelands Mayor Joe Paronella.

It is not clear why the asphalt melts, but the incident is judged to be due to weather changes. Road damage occurred after the road was re-coated last week.

Locals Deborah Stacey say the asphalt clumps make the vehicle so damaged, in the midst of hot weather followed by cold and rainy days.

“We had time to crack a car window for a week and then after the hot weather, the asphalt began to stick,” said Deborah Stacey.

The melted asphalt caused damage to the car. Panels and car bumpers were also damaged by the extreme weather.

The damaged road is at Atherton Tablelands, just south of Cairns city. The road was then closed.