Miraculous Super Hairy Baby Thick from birth It Got 72,000 “Followers” on Instagram

Miraculous Super Hairy Baby Thick from birth It Got 72,000 "Followers" on InstagramIn today’s digital age almost anyone can be a star if it has something unique to display on social media.

One of them is Chanco, a six-month-old Japanese baby who is now a social media sensation with 72,000 followers on Instagram.

Why is this baby so sensational? The reason, Chanco has a very thick hair that makes it more adorable.

When born December last year, Chanco’s hair was so thick that it shocked both his parents.

Since then, Chanco’s hair has continued to grow and become very thick. In a video uploaded to social media displays when Chanco’s hair is being pruned, yet at the same age most babies barely have hair.

Since last May, Chanco’s parents often share pictures and videos of their daughters. Apparently, thick hair Chanco open the netizens.

The video showing Chanco being a haircut instantly earned 10,000 likes in just a few hours. The average netizen is very impressed with the cute baby’s bushy hair. Even some netizens think Chanco wore a wig.

“It must be a wig,” says a social media user. “It’s so funny I hope that this nice bbabychanco hair is never cut, you’re beautiful,” said another netizen.