Mexican National Team Fan: Thank you South Korea!

Mexican National Team Fan: Thank you South Korea!Mexican fans who are sadly defeated after his team play against Sweden in the 2018 World Cup match on Wednesday (27/6) changed cheerfully as South Korea surprisingly beat Germany.

Germany’s defeat makes Der Panzer team must run away from this year’s World Cup match. Germany lost on goal difference from South Korea in the final standings of Group F.

Before Germany’s defeat occurred, Sweden won 3-0 over Mexico. The results had time to make Mexican fans anxious teams will be expelled from the World Cup champion.

But the South Korean outfit that beat Germany and expelled it from the World Cup was able to reverse the mood of Mexican team fans.
“Korean! Korean!” shouted the Mexican national team fans in many Mexico City bars as they raised their hands in the air and hailed the Asian team.

“I changed from crying to laughing,” said Cecilia Gonzalez, a 22-year-old student who celebrates the surprise with tequilla.

“Thank you Korea I do not even know exactly where it is, but thank you, thank you,” he continued.

Some fans even flocked to the South Korean Embassy in the Mexican capital and shouted the phrase “Korea is our brother.”

Social media also flooded meme moments of the ‘miracle’, ranging from cowboys with Mexican hats in action but ‘Gangnam Style’ popularized by Korean musicians PSY, ‘news’ that Mexico changed its national language into Korean, until the promise of Mexican netizens to listen to songs K-Pop and watch Korean drama.

But behind the hilarious behavior of the Mexican national team supporters, they still feel a deep disappointment due to ‘dilibas’ Sweden.

“Mexico disappoints me, my expectations are too high, they play very well in other games, it makes me wish,” said Cecilia Jimenez, a 20-year-old Mexican student.

“But they are not playing as usual,” continued the supporters of Mexico’s national team.
With three goals, Sweden finished top of the group and will play against runner-up Group E, Switzerland.

While Mexico is listed as runner-up Group F is scheduled to play with Group E winners as well as five-time World Cup champion, Brazil.

The Mexican supporters were praying for luck in the next game.

“It’s been good for us so far, we are against the world champions, it’s not easy,” said Mexican supporter Luis Padilla, 29-year-old cafe owner in Mexico City.

However, whatever the outcome will be, Padilla believes Mexico’s national team will continue to bring happiness and optimism in the Central American community.

“This is a country that is keen on soccer, football changes everything, it’s our national spirit,” Padilla said