Men caught stealing Malaysian Airlines Passenger Laptop in Aircraft Cabin

Men caught stealing Malaysian Airlines Passenger Laptop in Aircraft CabinPublic transportation is often the target of criminals in action, not least in the airplane cabin.

Asia One reported, a Facebook user named Faiz Mokhtar from Malaysia shared his experience of being miserable while in the airline cabin of the Malaysia Airlines airline.

At that time, he was preparing to fly to Kuala Lumpur from Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam

In uploading on Facebook on Saturday (08/18/2018), he stated that one of his business partners saw a passenger take a laptop from his bag in the cabin baggage.

“My colleague warned me to check my bag, and rightly, my bag was missing,” he wrote. “I then went to the man’s chair and saw him holding my bag and his left hand holding foreign currency (euro banknotes and US dollars), it looked like he would keep it in his pocket,” Faiz wrote.

Faiz claimed to be anxious if the perpetrator took his passport or put drugs in his bag. “We then reminded the flight attendant who quickly took action,” he said.

The perpetrator was dropped from the plane, after the police and security were contacted. “My greatest gratitude is to the flight attendant Mazlinda from Malaysia Airlines for the calm and hard work of ensuring that the man is handled appropriately,” he wrote.

Faiz obtained information about this kind of theft syndicate in Chinese, Hong Kong and Vietnamese flights.

“Criminals are everywhere, even in the air, and they can buy business class tickets,” he said. Malaysian Airlines management said it had arrested passengers for theft on a flight.

“The crew unloaded the passengers and submitted a report to the local police. The cabin crew has been trained to deal with such situations,” he said.