Melbourne Woman Found Dead with Barbel in Throat

Women from Melbourne, Australia, Snezana Stojanovska found dead pathetic. Stojanovska was killed with a barbell in his throat.

Quoted from ABC News Australia, Tuesday (17/07/2018), cause of death of Stojanovska allegedly because of strangled. The pathologist Dr. Malcolm Dodd calls the pattern of extensive bruising around Stojanovska’s neck in contrast to the story of her husband.

The victim’s husband, Dragi Stojanovska, said his wife died from an accident while lifting weights. To the officers he claimed to find his wife lying in the gym ‘mini’ in the house where both live with his mother and brother on the outskirts of Melbourne City.

“The bruising pattern does not match at all with the story that this is a barbell accident,” said Dr. Todd.
The Stojanovska family lawyer thinks death could happen when Stojanovska tries to get out of the barbell that is bullying his neck. Dr. Todd try to eliminate this possibility.

In the photographs revealed in court, Stojanovska was lying awkwardly on a homemade bench made of an ironing board. This ‘mini’ gym is located in the garage of their house, lots of barbells in the place.

At the time of the murder, Stojanovska was wearing pajamas and gardening gloves. Stojanovska is also not wearing a sports bra.