Melania Trump Meet a Separate Immigrant Child from the Family

Melania Trump Meet a Separate Immigrant Child from the FamilyThe First Lady of the United States, Melania Trump, met an immigrant child who was still separated from her parents in one of the shelters on the border with Mexico on Thursday (28/6).

Spokesperson for First Lady Stephanie Grisham said Melania would continue to provide input to her husband, President Donald Trump, who was later criticized for imposing a policy of separating immigrant families.

“He will continue to give his opinion to her husband about reuniting the family,” Grisham said while accompanying Melania in the plane, as quoted by Reuters.

Melania’s first stop was Tucson, where he met with border guards and visited immigrant shelters in one of the military headquarters.

Next, Melania travels to Phoenix to meet 121 children who are mostly separated from their families.

“Hola!” Melania said as she greeted one of the five-year-olds carrying a picture of a dog.

“It’s beautiful. Do you like it here? Have you met a new friend?” he said hello to the ponytail girl.

In another room, Melania talked with ten 5-7 year olds who were copying coins on paper while learning about the currency.

Behind the room, the red phone used by the children to call their parents.

The children were victims of Trump’s policies that had been criticized by many in recent months.

Under the policy, authorities may indict immigrants caught crossing the Mexican border illegally. While adults are in jail, their children are sent to government shelters.

Once censured, Trump signed a warrant to terminate the rule. But after that, new problems arise because there are 2,342 children who have been separated from their parents for 5 May to 9 June.

The US Interior Ministry has begun its guerrilla appeal for help from the Ministry of Defense to be willing to accommodate thousands of unaccompanied immigrant children.

This week, Kemhan US also claimed to be asked to provide shelter for 12 thousand immigrants in military bases.