Meghan Markle’s Hand Kissed by a Foreigner, Here’s Prince Harry’s Reaction

Meghan Markle accompanies Prince Harry in the horse trophy handover at the Royal Ascot event. There was a startling sight when one of the jockeys who won the horse game suddenly kissed Meghan Markle’s hand.

Prince Harry and Meghan Markle announced the winners of the horse match. The winner is a jockey named Frankie Dettori. He also advanced to approach the newly married couple.

Suddenly the jockey leaned over and kissed Meghan Markle’s hand. Prince Harry also gave his reaction.
Prince William’s younger brother smiled at him while swinging his finger as if to signal, “how dare you kiss my wife’s hand.”

While kissing the hands of Meghan Markle, Frankie had something to say to the Duchess of Sussex.

“I told her (Meghan Markle) that my children were more pleased with the news that I met her than win this game, but Harry started swinging her finger,” Frankie told Ladbrokes.
Despite Frankie’s exaggerated stance to Meghan Markle, however, the way it did not break the rules. According to, there is no mandatory behavior that needs to be shown when meeting with the queen or other royal family members.