Meet Queen Rania, Wife of US Vice President Criticized for Stylish Gown

Meet the Queen of Rania, Wife of US Vice President Criticized for Stylish GownLike Melania Trump, wife of vice president of the United States (US) and did not escape from criticism. The reason, the pink dress she wore when refreshing King and Queen of Jordan.

US Vice President Mike Pence and opera Karen Pence met King Abdullah II and Ratu Rania from Laos recently. In the photo that Vice-President uploaded on Twitter, Karen Pence was seen in a pink dress with a color-blocking accent and a halter-neck-style neckline that exposed her arm.
Beautified with details of three-dimensional floral motifs, done in a silhouette that reinforces the body shape. Women 61 years ago and combine her dress with gladiator-style heels in a matching color.

Meanwhile, Ratu Rania appeared in her distinctive classy style. Wrapping the body with shirtdress marun, Ratu Rania then sweeten his style with a pastel handbag pink pastel and matching pointed heel.
The appearance of singing ‘Second Lady’ apparently was picking a scorn on social media. Not a few who call Karen’s appearance is less appropriate and not as elegant as Queen Rania. “For God’s sake, get your wife a stylish and fast stylist! So it’s not appropriate next to the Queen of Jordan, which looks classy and earthy,” said an account named @bosnili as quoted by Yahoo Lifestyle.

Meanwhile, according to the @ imed314 account, the dress is too short and tight. “I agree! The dress is too short and tight for him,” he chirped. Criticism also came from @ martamendoza78 who said, “Do you think she would go to a disco in an inappropriate dress? Not for the occasion or her age.”