Matchday I World Cup 2018: 38 Goals, Germany Defeat, and A Row of Surprises

Matchday I World Cup 2018 38 Goals, Germany Defeat, and A Row of SurprisesAll 32 countries contestants World Cup 2018 already undergo the first game. Some surprises occurred, including Germany’s defeat and Argentina’s impasse.

The match between Colombia vs. Japan and Senegal vs Poland that was held last night was the first round of the 2018 World Cup group phase.

Excluding Russian vs Egyptian duel, there have been 38 goals from 16 matches. That means every 2018 World Cup match has so far produced 2.35 goals. The figure is still below the average goal per game at the 2014 World Cup (2.7).
Interestingly, all matches resulted in at least one goal. The top scorers are Portugal vs Spain (3-3) and Russia vs Saudi Arabia (5-0).

Matchday I World Cup 2018 also presents some surprises. The biggest of course is Germany’s 0-1 defeat of Mexico. The defending champion was defeated by a mere puppet goal scored by Hirving Lozano.

The result is not much predicted earlier is a score of 1-1 obtained by Argentina when Iceland meet. Berstatus debutant, Iceland with a brilliant build solid wall of defense to dampen Lionel Messi et al.

Also failed to deliver satisfactory results in the first game is Brazil. Facing Switzerland, Samba Team must be satisfied with the position 1-1.
Not to be outdone by surprise is Japan. The 2-1 victory over Colombia became a distinct milestone for the rest of Asia as it was the Asian nation’s first victory over Latin America at the World Cup.

VAR and Cards

World Cup 2018 print history because for the first time video recording used the referee to take decisions. Despite many pros and cons, the VAR worked well on the first matchday of this 2018 World Cup.

France got a penalty after the referee decided to review the infringement in the penalty box via video. Even so in the game South Korea vs Sweden, then Serbia vs Costa Rica, and several other matches.

For severe punishment in the form of a red card, so far only one referee issued. Carlos Sánchez and Colombia became the first to be expelled from the field. The inaugural red card just happened in the 15th game.

The Guardian noted that this was the cleanest World Cup start since 1986.

Results Matchday I World Cup 2018

Group A
Russia vs Saudi Arabia 5-0
Egypt vs Uruguay 0-1

Group B
Morocco vs Iran 0-1
Portugal vs Spain 3-3

Group C
France vs Australia 2-1
Peru vs Denmark 0-1

Group D
Argentina vs Iceland 1-1
Croatia vs Nigeria 2-0

Group E
Costa Rica vs Serbia 0-1
Brazil vs Switzerland 1-1

Group F
Germany vs Mexico 0-1
Sweden vs South Korea 1-0.

Group G
Belgium vs Panama 3-0
Tunisia vs England 1-2

Group H
Colombia vs Japan 1-2
Poland vs Senegal 1-2