Maradona Wants Give Messages to Messi and Comrades Before Facing Nigeria

Maradona Wants Give Messages to Messi and Comrades Before Facing NigeriaDiego Maradona hopes to meet Argentina squad before undergoing the last group phase match in the 2018 World Cup. Albiceleste was pinched.

Having defeated Croatia with a landslide score 0-3, Argentina considered difficult to qualify from the group stage. With a single point, with a 1-1 draw from Iceland, Argentina must reap victory over Nigeria in the last game of the group stages.

Maradona was worried about the situation. He criticized the President of the Argentine Football Association, Claudio Tapia.
“We have to pay for our position after we are beaten by Croatia with three goals and as if we are not doing anything,” Maradona told BBC Sport.

Maradona, who became the best player, when Argentina won the World Cup in 1986, hoping to meet Lionel Messi et al. If he can, he will bring his team-mates when the champion to participate in giving the injection of motivation.

“We will help maintain pride, I am emotional and disappointed because the players with this jersey should not be trampled by teams like Croatia, which is not Germany, nor is it Brazil, the Netherlands or Spain,” Maradona said.

“But there are guilty parties and the perpetrators are the AFA president, everyone is taking it for granted when Sampaoli comes with computers, drones and 14 assistants I think Tapia has lost his authority,” he added.