Malaysian 41-year-old man who married 11-year-old girl To be the 3rd wife fined $ 446

Malaysian 41-year-old man who married 11-year-old girl To be the 3rd wife fined $ 446The Malaysian man who married an 11-year-old girl was sentenced to 1,800 Ringgit or $ 446 . The man was found guilty of not getting permission from the Sharia Court to marry a minor.

As reported by The Star, Monday (9/7/2018), penalty fines imposed by the Sharia Court Gua Musang in the trial this week.

Local media reported that the 41-year-old man was charged with marriage and polygamy practice without permission from the Shari’a Court. The man pleaded guilty to two charges charged.

The Malaysian authorities did not mention the man’s full name. But Malaysian media called him Che Abdul Karim of Kelantan.

Judge Mohd Surbaineey Hussain handed down a fine of 900 Ringgit for each charge. Thus, this man was fined a total of 1,800 Ringgit.

Local media reports say the man who was an entrepreneur was charged under article 19 and article 124 of the Kelantan Islamic Family Law, which has a penalty of 1,000 Ringgit or two months’ imprisonment.

It was reported that this man looked nervous when two counts were read out to him. Metro daily reported that the man had asked the court to reduce the amount of fines imposed on him and ask not to be banned.

According to the Islamic Family Law applicable throughout Malaysia, the minimum age for marriage is 18 years for men and 16 for women. Minors under the minimum age are only allowed to marry if they get permission from the Sharia Court and their respective parents.

The marriage of a 41-year-old man with an 11-year-old boy who sparked the controversy was made in Thailand on June 18. This early marriage was held at a mosque in Golok River, Thailand. The 11-year-old girl is known to be the man’s third wife. The man did not feel doing the wrong thing because married to the blessing of the 11-year-old boy’s parents. He also claims to have the blessing of previous wives.

But in comments some time ago, a Malaysian shariah judge declared permission from the Shari’ah Court still needed although the marriage was done outside Malaysia.