Make Shock, Artist 54 This Year gave birth to the fifth child

Make Shock, Artist 54 This Year gave birth to the fifth childSenior artist Brigitte Nielsen brings happy and shocking news. Brigitte recently gave birth to her fifth child at the age of 54.

The Danish actress gave birth to a baby girl named Frida. Frida was born on Friday (22/06/2017) then weighs 2.5 kg.
The baby girl is Brigitte’s love affair with her husband Mattia Dessi who has been married since 2006. Frida is the fifth child of Brigitte, but the first child for Mattia.

“We are very happy to welcome girls in our lives,” the couple told People.

According to Brigitte, the birth of this fifth child requires a longer process. “But it’s very worthy, we’ve never been this happy,” said the woman who once starred in Cobra.
Little Frida and her siblings have very different age differences, more than 20 years. Although Brigitte’s age is old, apparently he has been waiting to have a baby with her husband who has a different age 14 years younger than him.

Brigitte announced her pregnancy through her social media a few months ago. Of course, his decision back contained making a scene and feared many people, considering his age that has been head five.

Sylvester Stallon’s ex-wife admitted he was even interested to add children. But Brigitte must consider his age whose physical and biological conditions have declined.