Make Portugal All Games Now So Final, Starting from Uruguay

Make Portugal All Games Now So Final, Starting from UruguayHaving escaped the group phase of the 2018 World Cup, Portugal will face Uruguay in the last 16. The European champions will regard it as the final game.

Portugal qualify as runner-up Group B due to lack of productivity from Spain although both teams have 5 points each. In the round of 16 large, Selecao das Quinas was faced with Uruguay, Group A champions who drove with 9 points perfect.
“Uruguay have outstanding players, they have impressive teams, they have twice become world champions, they are good but we also have their own weapons,” Portugal fullback Cedric Soares told Reuters.

“We have time to prepare ourselves to face this fight as best we can, whatever we have and we have a strong belief We are European champions, and have repeatedly proven the quality and will continue to do so physically our opponents have big players and some smaller ones.It’s irrelevant in football. ”

“We have to keep pursuing the round skin and consider every delivery of the ball from the opponent as a threat, always watchful.That’s how we will play every second of the match against Uruguay,” he said.

Entering the autumn phase of the tournament, mistakes in one game can be fatal and make any team knocked out because there is no longer a second chance. Portugal, whose best achievement at the World Cup was the fourth finish of 2006, knows exactly this.
For that Portugal will now only focus totally face the game in sight, before thinking about other things. Moreover, Uruguay that will be faced in the last 16 of the 2018 World Cup already drove from the group without conceding a single goal.

“This is a very competitive World Cup, (focus one by one on the match in front) proved not easy for all the teams involved.Our main target is of course to qualify and we have done it.Now we are preparing for the last 16. heavy, because from now on every game is a final.We will face it like that, “said Soares.

Uruguay vs Portugal match will be played at Fisht Olympic Stadium. The victorious of this party will face the winner of the French vs Argentina duel in the quarterfinals.