Make a freak, Viral A Salute Grandmother in the Middle of the Road

Make a freak, Viral A Salute Grandmother in the Middle of the RoadThe road users who crossed the Tulungagung Quake Passengers of Indonesia were shocked by a desperate grandmother praying in the middle of the road.

The incident was immortalized in photos and video by a number of residents who are around the scene. A number of riders also seem to be slowing down when they learn that someone is praying in the middle of the road.

In a video uploaded by the owner of an Argian Rahmana account in the Facebook group, Tulungagung Dispensation Info, the grandmother appears to be performing a casual prayer, even though the traffic conditions are quite crowded.

Not long ago, a member of the Indonesian National Army (TNI) approached the grandmother standing behind her, attempting to direct a number of vehicles passing in order to avoid an accident.

Not yet known exactly the identity of the grandmother and what purpose to perform prayers in the middle of the road.

Kasubbag Public Relations Tulungagung Iptu Sumaji, confirmed the incident. But it has not received official reports from members or police ranks.

“I also had time to see in social media, if from the picture it was at the intersection of Gragalan.Connected identity and intent we do not know,” said Sumaji when confirmed AFP, Friday (20/07/2018).

However, it urged the public to not do strange and dangerous acts like the grandmother in the video. This is because the action can disrupt traffic and endanger the actors themselves and other road users.