Majority Vocal Chords, Erdogan Again Leads Turkey

Majority Vocal Chords, Erdogan Again Leads TurkeyRecep Tayyip Erdogan earned the most votes in Turkey’s first round of first-round presidential elections.

Turkey’s Anadolu Agency noted that 96.07 percent of ballot papers have been counted. Of that number Erdogan won 52.69 percent while his strongest competitor, Muharrem Ince, got 30, 75 percent.

The vote count has not yet fully ended, but the Erdogan supporters have been partying on the streets while raising the Turkish flag. President Erdogan was even scheduled to give his victory speech.

The victory over 50 percent also made Erdogan no longer need to fight in the second round to defend the presidential seat he has occupied since 2014.
Voting in Turkey was followed by about 60 million voters spread across 81 provinces. This election was held simultaneously with the election of members of parliament.

The AKP, the party headed by Erdogan and joined the People’s Alliance, won the most votes by 53.7 percent, followed by the National Alliance of 34.12 percent of a total of 95.62 percent of ballots counted.

Previously, Ince who became the main competitor Erdogan is believed to provide fierce resistance.

Ince was mentioned by some observers having a charisma that is able to compete with Erdogan.

His position is also slightly benefited by the weakening economy that was sweeping Turkey. Inflation reached up to two digits and the value of Lira weakened against the US dollar.