Lloris goalkeeper did not conceded a goal, but his mouth grew locust

Lloris goalkeeper did not conceded a goal, but his mouth grew locustHugo Lloris successfully keep the French goalkeeper did not conceded a goal when eliminating Uruguay in the 2018 World Cup. It is the mouth of Lloris who conceded locusts.

France 2-0 win over Uruguay at Nizhny Novgorod Stadium on Friday (6/7/2018), to ensure a ticket to the 2018 World Cup semifinals. It becomes the third clean sheet of Les Bleus in the tournament.

Throughout the Uruguay match is not without power considering 11 shots have been released with four of them towards the target. But none of the goals nest in Lloris goalkeeper until 2×45 minutes game quarterfinal 2018 World Cup.

With four rescues under the French crossbar, as the Whoscored record statistics, Lloris appeared pretty slick. However, who stole the attention from him is not just about the action of securing the goal.
When the game was still entering a dozen minutes early, and the score was still 0-0, Lloris was caught on camera spitting something out of his mouth. Lloris’s mouth takes in locusts!

From superlambat reruns seen that before that apparently there was a stray locust perched on his lips, before going into the mouth of the 31-year-old goalkeeper (until finally went to the scene Lloris spit the grasshopper).

The grasshopper’s incident is obviously uncomfortable, but Lloris will undoubtedly remember it with humor because his goal is not conceded against Uruguay and France are now entitled to appear in the last four of the 2018 World Cup to face Belgium.