Lamenting Petobo, a village that is ‘swallowed up by the earth’ because of an earthquake

Lamenting Petobo, a village that is 'swallowed up by the earth' because of an earthquakePetobo Region, Palu, ‘swallowed’ by mud due to liquefaction phenomenon after the earthquake. As a result, hundreds of people were allegedly buried and evacuation was difficult.

“In Petobo, it was estimated that hundreds of people were buried in mud material. During an earthquake, mud appeared. Liquidation, mud came out of the surface of the soil because of shocks,” BNPB Public Relations and Information Director Sutopo Purwo Nugrono told a news conference in his office, Central Jakarta,

Sediments under the ground ‘melt’ and result in the formation of mud. The Petobo area seems to be washed away and ‘swallowed’ by mud.

“The Petobo housing complex seems to be swept away and swallowed by mud. More or less 744 housing units are buried by black mud material,” he explained.

Sutopo said that evacuation in Petobo was difficult. He compared it to the process of evacuation of landslide victims.

“Evacuation is very difficult. If the house is buried or the victim is buried by landslides it is still relatively easy, but Petobo is difficult to evacuate,” Sutopo said.

To date, the number of dead victims that have been found is 844 people. This amount has not been added to the estimated number of victims still buried, such as in Balaroa and Petobo.

“The number of victims I say is still moving dynamically and many versions of data,” he said.