Know Met Gala, Fashion Event Ticket is Worth the Home

Know Met Gala, Fashion Event Ticket is Worth the HomeThe first Monday of May has always been a special moment for the world’s fashion man. On that day, the Met Metall 2018 or Met Ball, a celebration in the fashion industry terakbar ticket prices can reach hundreds of millions of dollars!

Existing since 1948, the Met Gala is an annual charity event that is routinely held every first Monday of May at the Metropolitan Museum, New York City, USA. The original purpose of raising funds from the New York elite to donate to the museum as well as to celebrate the annual exhibition.

In 1995, Met Gala transformed after being taken over by Editor-in-Chief of USA Vogue fashion magazine Anna Wintour. In the hands of Anna, Met Gala became glamorous event star-studded famous, not only the fashion man, but also the world of film, music, and sports.
The celebrities were competing to give the best appearance in a dress that was designed specifically by renowned designers. Last year, Beyonce successfully stole the show with Riccardo Tisci’s latex Givenchy Haute Couture dress. Unmitigated, 2,000 pearls adorn the dress.
Another iconic appearance is Rihanna’s yellow dress that follows a dramatic length. Chinese designer Guo Pei’s design dress takes up to 50 thousand hours!

Each year, Met Gala comes with different themes. For Met Gala 2018 which took place on Monday (7/5/2018) night, the selected theme is ‘Heavenly Bodies: Fashion and the Catholic Imagination’.

Under the same theme, the Met Gala exhibition will showcase the sacred clothing of the Vatican belonging to Catholic high officials, such as the gold-embroidered robes of Pope Benedict XV and the Pope Leo XIII cap. The collection will later be paired with the fashion works of Coco Chanel, known to have been educated by nurse, Balenciaga, to Donatella Versace as the sponsor.
Although it has received approval from the Vatican, the election of the theme had invited controversy because it was mentioned mixed up religious affairs with fashion.

“There may be some who feel that fashion is not worthy of being associated with something sacred and sacred, but clothing is a key element in a religion,” says Andrew Bolton, curator of the MET Gala collection, quoted from Vogue .

Another thing that attracts attention is the ticket price. Of course, there is a price to pay if you want to take part in this event. According to Forbes, guests must spend US $ 30 thousand to redeem a ticket only. Quite fantastic considering the money you can already buy a unit house on the outskirts of Jakarta.

It also does not guarantee you are included in the guest list. The reason, Anna Wintour will select more guest names.