Kill a Black Bear, American Man Fined US $ 10,000

Kill a Black Bear, American Man Fined US $ 10,000A man from Louisiana was found guilty of the act of killing a black bear. The man was also fined a fine of 10,000 US dollars or about. The Louisiana State Department of Forestry and Fisheries announced the sanctions on Tuesday (07/10/2018).

So reported from the New York Post. Sanctions were handed down to Ronald J Kimble, from Lettsworth, after being found guilty of shooting and killing a black female bear in the protected forest area of ​​Richard K Yancey.
“The 30-year-old man shot a two-female black bear using a large caliber rifle in November 2017,” the local TV station WAFB-TV reported.

Protected forest officials found the black bear who had died shortly after the shooting incident. Officers can quickly find out the animals are dead because there is a signal device attached to the animal’s neck.

After investigation, officers found Kimble and made him a suspect for questioning. To the officer, Kimble claimed to have killed the four-year-old black bear for thinking of him as a wild boar. Kimble was detained in January on suspicion of having a bear hunt outside the allowed seasons.

He is also charged for criminal possession of firearms. After the trial, Kimble was required to pay a $ 10,000 compensation plus a $ 250 attorney’s fee.

His hunting permit is also temporarily lifted until he can pay the fine and fulfill his obligations. According to WAFB-TV, hunting season for black bears does not apply in Louisiana, so Kimble’s actions would somehow violate the rules.