Jumbo Butt Like Kim Kardashian No Longer in Interest

Jumbo Butt Like Kim Kardashian No Longer in InterestBig buttocks like Kim Kardashian, Kylie Jenner or Jennifer Lopez are no longer in demand. The shape of jumbo butt is no longer a woman’s dream. So according to Hollywood beauty experts.

Dr. Harold Lancer, a popular beauty expert in Hollywood says that the super big butt will no longer be a trend. According to him, the size of the buttock to be sought is a normal form and not excessive.
“The breech enlargement surgery will be in. People will shrink their buttocks,” said Dr. Lancer.

Hollywood celebrities and socialites are now thinking more about the line of her cleavage. They want to have a flawless cleavage line.

Dr. Lancer now often receives requests for treatment of the cleavage line to smooth the skin and wrinkle-free. It does so with radiofrequency micro-needling to remove wrinkles around the chest to the cleavage line.
Another trending treatment is the ear filler. Its function is to fill the skin of the earlobe that has slackened and wrinkled so that the ear becomes tight again. This ear filler is usually done by women over 40 years whose ears have relaxed.
Kim Kardashian’s mother, Kris Jenner had once done the procedure. In his reality TV show, Kris admitted doing the filler in the ear so that the shape looks more cute.