Jokowi’s action to ride a big motorbike at the Asian Games became the spotlight in South Korea

Jokowi's action to take the Moge at the Asian Games has become a spotlight in South KoreaPresident Joko Widodo’s (Jokowi) action when riding a big motorbike (moge) at the opening of the 2018 Asian Games was in the spotlight. Not only in Indonesia, but also abroad. Media in China and South Korea participated in reporting on Jokowi’s actions.

Jokowi boarded the Yamaha FZ1 big motorbike which became the Paspampres ride. He wore a black helmet and remained in formal suits while riding a motorcycle. Then Jokowi boarded the motorbike to the location of the opening of the 2018 Asian Games at Gelora Bung Karno Stadium (GBK), Jakarta.

One of the media in South Korea, Insight, wrote a headline with a translated title, ‘The President of Indonesia Comes Using a Motorcycle and Attends the Opening of the Asian Games’.

Insight displayed a number of Jokowi’s picture footage while riding the moge which was shown in the opening ceremony of the Asian Games video. Likewise with photos when Jokowi arrived at the GBK Stadium.

“Joko Widodo’s motorbike became a concern with a variety of extreme extreme actions. He used a black helmet and had stopped when there were school students who crossed,” said one of the contents of the article written by Insight, Saturday (08/18/2018).

In addition, media from China, Xinhua also cursed the action when Jokowi arrived with his black moge at the GBK Stadium. Jokowi’s action is called a cool action.