Japanese Earthquake Wears 8 Soul Victims, Declared Others Declared Missing

Japanese Earthquake Wears 8 Soul Victims, Declared Others Declared MissingThe 6.6 magnitude earthquake that rocked the northern island of Japan, Hokkaido, on Thursday (6/9/2018) claimed at least 8 lives.

The earthquake caused houses to be destroyed and triggered landslides, causing around 40 people to disappear.

In fact, Japan has just faced a typhoon called the strongest typhoon in 25 years earlier this week.

AFP reported, the earthquake in Hokkaido resulted in houses at the bottom of the hill being destroyed swallowed up by landslides.

As many as 6 out of 8 fatalities came from the village of Atsuma, an area hit by a landslide. One of the dead also included an 82-year-old man who fell from a ladder in his house, during an earthquake.

Meanwhile, around 130 people suffered minor injuries due to the earthquake. Now, around 3 million homes have lost electricity supplies because the earthquake damaged the main thermal power plant. “Suddenly there is an exsex shock.

I like tilting, but not up and down. It was about two to three minutes, “he said.” The earthquake stopped, before shaking again.

I feel there are two waves. I am 51 years old, and I have never experienced this before, “he said. Some time after the initial earthquake an 5.3 magnitude earthquake struck the region.

Then, dozens of aftershocks continued to occur until entering the morning. “I woke up around 3:00 a.m. with a vertical shock. I turned on the light, but it went out a few moments later,” said a resident in Sapporo, Akira Fukui.