Japan hit by heat wave after flood, 14 people killed

Japan hit by heat wave after flood, 14 people killedAt least 14 people were killed by a heat wave that hit Japan over the weekend. This heat wave enveloped Japan that had just been hit by a devastating flood, which killed more than 200 people.

As reported by Reuters on Tuesday (07/17/2018), high temperatures make it difficult to restore efforts in areas previously hit by floods. Japan Meteorological Agency (JMA) states, the air temperature on Monday (16/7) local time, which is a national holiday, reaching above 39 degrees Celsius in some areas. JMA call, the air temperature is combined with high humidity trigger dangerous conditions.

Local media reported at least 14 people were killed by a heat wave at the weekend. One of the dead was a 90-year-old grandmother who was found unconscious in a field. Thousands of other people have to undergo treatment at the hospital due to various injuries triggered by heat waves.

Mentioned JMA that the heat wave is triggered by the meeting of two high-pressure air systems in Japan. This situation is expected to continue throughout this week.

The highest temperatures are reported to be in landlocked areas such as Gifu prefecture. Reported air temperature in the city of Ibigawa, Gifum prefecture, had reached 39.3 degrees Celsius on Monday (16/7) yesterday. This temperature is recorded as the hottest in all of Japan. The capital of Tokyo itself has a temperature of 34 Celsius air on Monday (16/7) yesterday.

Until Tuesday (17/7) noon local time, air temperatures in some parts of western Japan previously hit by floods, reportedly reached 34.3 degrees Celsius. Such high temperatures trigger dangerous conditions for military personnel and volunteers who are performing mud cleansing as well as debris from the former floods.

“It’s hot, all we can do is keep drinking water,” a citizen in Okayama told NHK national television.

The JMA reported that the air temperature was 35 degrees Celsius or above was recorded at 200 locations around Japan on Sunday (15/7). Temperatures above 35 degrees Celsius are categorized as ‘very hot days’ in Japan. This kind of hot weather is unusual in July.

This extreme hot weather once enveloped Japan in 2014 and 2017 last year. At least 48 people were killed by a heat wave between May-September 2017 and 31 others killed throughout July 2017.