It’s crazy! Doctors Remove Hair Clots Like Babies From Teen Stomach,

It's crazy! Doctors Remove Hair Clots Like Babies From Teen Stomach,Terat Buses The doctors reportedly performed an operation to remove a hair clot in the stomach of a 12-year-old girl.

On the video recording reported by Daily Mirror Friday (27/07/2018), looks clod colored hair is kecokletan.

The clot measures 35 by 13 centimeters, weighs 3.65 kilograms, and is shaped like a newborn.

The medical procedure is performed at the Regional Children’s Hospital of Magystau located in the city of Aktau, Kazakhstan.

The head of the surgical department, Sultanbek Tumashev said, the girl was rushed to the hospital after the pain in her stomach culminated in the last two years.

“When we asked her, the girl’s parents said she had a tendency to chew her hair,” says Tumashev. The clot of hair, he explained, almost filled the stomach of the unidentified girl.

“In fact, her digestion has forced her out, even though her size is enlarged, there is still room left for food,” Tumashev said.

Due to the clot of hair, the teenager often experience nausea and lack of nutrition so that his body is thin. Tumashev explained, the doctor should prepare the girl for two days before she was taken to the operating room.

She is optimistic that the girl will recover after she is reported to have been discharged from the hospital.