It’s crazy! Big Rp. 158 Billion Gold Find Triggers Enthusiasm in Western Australia

It's crazy! Big Rp. 158 Billion Gold Find Triggers Enthusiasm in Western AustraliaThe discovery of rare gold specimens in a mine in the interior of Western Australia has sparked renewed enthusiasm among the industry and the people around the region.

A mining company that controlled the land adjacent to the Beta Hunt mine, managed to find $ 15 million worth of gold stones, equivalent to Rp 158 billion in Kambalda, which is located about 630 kilometers east of Perth.

The chunks of gold found at a depth of 500 meters below the ground surface have sparked enthusiasm from various circles.

Some people even considered the discovery could trigger a “mini gold fever” for the city that later was not too lucky.

This discovery brings fresh air to the city of Kambalda, which has a population of about 2,539 people. Residents in the community formed since the discovery of Australia’s first nickel mine in 1966, which faced difficult times where hundreds of people lost their jobs due to the closure of 4 major mines over the past three years.

The mining town of Kambalda has recently experienced difficulties due to many residents losing their jobs and closing the gold mine. (ABC Goldfields-Esperance: Mark Bennett)

Real estate agent Cheryl Davis, who has lived in Kambalda for more than 25 years, said the discovery had boosted enthusiasm in the city.

“Obviously it is a big boost for our city which has faced a lot of destruction and gloom,” he said.

“Everyone rejoices and talks about how good this news is for our city, that our city will not die. We look forward to it.” he added.

Meanwhile, Bob Fagan from the East Goldfield Prospector Association said the discovery was the dream of every potential buyer.

The former geology lecturer from the WA Mining Department said that it could attract more miners to the region, as well as mining investments for deeper exploration.

Dr Bob Fagan said that the area was already on the map as the world-famous gold province and the discovery of these natural resources strengthened hopes that there would be more gold waiting to be discovered.