Indian Floods Don’t Survive, Deaths Become 324 People

Indian Floods Don't Survive, Deaths Become 324 PeopleThe death toll from floods that hit Kerala, India again increased to 324 people. This severe flood triggered a number of landslides and brought torrential water that swept through a number of local villages.

As reported by AFP on Saturday (08/18/2018), hundreds of local soldiers and fishermen jointly made efforts to rescue victims who were trapped in the flood. About 30 military helicopters and 320 boats were involved in rescue efforts in Kerala.

Kerala Chief Minister, Pinarayi Vijayan, called Kerala, which is now hit by the rainy season, ‘facing the worst floods in 100 years’. Vijayan said, the death toll increased to 324 people.

Thousands of people are still trapped by floods that began 10 days ago, with electricity and communication still interrupted. Local authorities reported that around 6,000 people were still waiting to be rescued.

“We are mobilizing more boats and military to improve the rescue operation,” said a senior local government official, PH Kurian, told AFP. The helicopter also sent emergency food and drink supplies to the flood victims.

The situation is increasingly alarming with the release of a new warning for heavy rain over the next few days.

According to the Indian weather forecast bureau, more than 321 cm of rainfall has washed down the hills of Kerala, precisely in the Idukki district, which is now isolated due to flooding. Without any signs of flooding, local residents use social media to ask for help.

“My family and my neighbors’ families are in trouble. There are no drinks and food. Can’t communicate. The cellphone has no signal … Please help,” wrote Ajo Varghese via his Facebook post which later became viral.

At least 310 thousand people were forced to flee due to the Indian flood. The northern and central parts of Kerala are the most severely affected areas. The operation of the international airport in Kochi, the main city in Kerala was forced to close until 26 August.