Indian clerics arrested after raw hit in live television broadcast

Indian clerics arrested after raw hit in live television broadcastIndian authorities have arrested a Muslim cleric who was involved in a fistfight with a female rights activist amid a televised debate on Sharia law regulating women’s rights and divorce.

The cleric, identified as Mufti Ejaz Arshad Qasmi, has been arrested following a report from Zee Hindustan television station. Earlier this week, Mufti Qasmi recorded a camera slap Farah Faiz, a female rights advocate in a live broadcast aired by the television station.
RT proclaimed on Friday (20/7/2018), the situation became uncontrollable when Mufti Qasmi and Faiz argue about talaq, the word that breaks the marriage bond in Islam if spoken three times by the husband. Faiz who opposed the talaq pratik said it was not a divorce form contained in the Qur’an and triggered a strong reaction from Mufti Qasmi.

In the recording released by Zee Hindustan, Faiz seemed to first slap the mufti who then countered so that happened to hit each other. The hosts seemed to try to mediate and stop Mufti Qasmi, but in vain.
Zee Hindustan then via Twitter decried the fight and the behavior of the cleric. The television station also accused Mufti Qasmi of verbally attacking writer and activist Amber Zaidi, who was seen crying in a separate video.

Following the incident, some parties called for a ban on TV debates related to Islam. Khalid Rasheed Firangi Mahali, a priest in Lucknow City in northern Iraq, appealed to the government, saying that such debates hurt the religious feelings of Muslims.

This incident occurred only some time after another scandal involving resistance to the talaq. Recently, an Indian priest issued a fatwa condemning and boycotting Nida Khan, a social activist (NGO) activist who campaigned against the practice.

Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi has repeatedly spoken out against “talaq three.” Last year, the Supreme Court issued a crucial verdict stating divorce practices through talaq among Muslims as “illegal”, “illegal” and “unconstitutional”.