Indian Army Correct Accident Victims 50 Years Ago Found in the Himalayas

Indian Army Correct Accident Victims 50 Years Ago Found in the HimalayasThe body of an Indian soldier who was the victim of a plane crash 50 years ago, was found in the Himalayan mountains, on Saturday (21/07/2018).

The soldier’s service was found by a team of mountaineers, who also reported the findings of the remains of the plane that crashed in February 1968 ago.

“We see human arms protruding from the ice, while other body parts are still inside the ice sheet,” Rajiv Rawat, head of the expedition team told AFP.

Rawat said he had contacted the Indian army to report the findings, which immediately launched operations to take back the body.

The team says it found the bodies of the soldiers at an altitude of 5,500 meters in a fairly dangerous area in the Himalayas. The discovery was the discovery of the fifth body of an Indian Air Force’s carrier-carrying aircraft crash casualty crashed in 1968.

At the time of the incident, the Soviet-built Antonov An-12 aircraft was carrying a total of 102 passengers, including 98 Indian troops. The aircraft was on a flight to the airport in Kashmir, but was canceled due to bad weather.

The plane then lost contact above the Spiti Valley on the north side of India. The last time the victim’s body was discovered was in 2013, which had been taken home and identified.

Indian authorities have previously held a massive search effort around the area that allegedly became the crash site.

But the search operation did not work. The Himalayan Pegununangan region is known as one of the most popular climbing sites for locals and foreign climbers, although heavy snowfall and unfriendly surfaces are often troublesome.