In 6.5 Hours, Mossad Success Steals Iran’s Nuclear Document in Tehran

In 6.5 Hours, Mossad Success Steals Iran's Nuclear Document in TehranMore than 20 spies, advanced alarm systems, safes, advanced devices for unpacking safes, and 6.5 hours of time to complete missions.

It’s all part of a mission held by the Israeli service, Mossad to steal secret documents of Iran’s nuclear project from a warehouse in Tehran.

The mission that successfully seized a number of documents indicating Iran’s intention to deny the international nuclear deal it signed. This is presented a number of Israeli officials to the newspaper The New York Times on Sunday (15/07/2018).

The Mossad secret agents already knew that a warehouse in Tehran was the storehouse of important data.

The problem is how to take the data from that heavily guarded place. For one year, Israeli agents made observations and recorded all the routine of the building, one of which was the turn of the guard.

These Mossad agents also know, to enter the data storage they have to turn off the security system. Furthermore, there are still two doors to be penetrated, dismantling 32 safes, and fleeing out of town carrying half a ton of secret data. After a year of observation, the Mossad agents learned that the guard was always replaced at around 7:00 every day.

Thus, the agents who broke in had to finish their work before 5 am to have enough time to escape.

Finally the operation was held on January 31, 2018. A team of 24 Mossan agents, mostly Iranians, entered the warehouse at 11 pm after “outsmarting” the security system.

The Israeli technicians managed to make the security system in the warehouse as if it was still functioning so as not to arouse suspicion of the guard.

After successfully entering, the agents began to disassemble the cabinets by using a special tool that can release heat up to 3600 degrees Celsius.

The agents knew, at 7:00, there was a change of guard followed by patrols to the entire building, so they had to leave before 5:00 am.

Finally, they managed to steal 50,000 pages of the document and 163 compact discs containing various classified information.

All the dangerous actions were completed within 6 hours and 29 minutes. In April, Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu announced the results of the covert operation, after meeting privately with US President Donald Trump at the White House.

At that time, Netanyahu said the Mossad operation result should be a consideration that President Trump cancels a nuclear deal with Iran signed in 2015.

Netanyahu insisted, from thousands of pages of documents it concluded Iran intends to deceive Western countries and continue to continue its efforts to make nuclear weapons.

A few days after the meeting with Netanyahu, President Trump withdrew from a nuclear deal with Iran. A move that makes US relations with its European allies worsen. Last week, the Israeli government pointed out a number of important documents from the results of the covert operations to The New York Times.

Most of the documents confirm the suspicions of monitors from the International Atomic Energy Agency (IAEA) that Iran is still trying to develop its nuclear weapons.

“The documents are quite complete,” said Robert Kelley, a former member of the IAEA monitoring team. However, it is difficult to independently verify the authenticity of these documents, most of which are at least 15 years old.

In addition, the Israeli government chose the documents that will be shown to journalists. This means the possibility of many supporting materials is ignored.