Ice Mountain Shed 11 Million Ton Threatens A Small Village in Greenland

Ice Mountain Shed 11 Million Ton Threatens A Small Village in GreenlandThe inhabitants of Innarrsuit Village, Greenland could not conceal their fear, after an estimated 11 million tons of iceberg washed up and approached their village.

The village of Innaarsuit with a population of 169 people is located on an island of the same name, in southwest Greenland. Launching from the New York Times, Danish meteorologist estimates the ice mountain has a width of 198 meters and a height of nearly 91 meters from sea level.

Villagers fear that large ice blocks collapse and fall into the sea can trigger high waves that lead to settlements.

The iceberg does not always melt slowly and then smaller.

Often ice blocks will collapse first and fall into the sea, before then melt. Citizens now depend on the weather for what will happen to the iceberg.

If strong winds blow and push floating icebergs away from land to Baffin Bay then the crisis will pass. But if the weather turns warm, or warm rain it will likely ice chunks collapse into the sea and cause high waves into the village.

“This is not a quiet process,” said Joerg Schaefer, a climate researcher at Lamont-Doherty Earth Observatory, Columbia University, told the New York Times. A total of 33 people have been evacuated to safer places, the shipowner residents are asked to immediately move their ship away from the iceberg. ”

We are very worried and afraid, “said Karl Petersen, Chairman of the Innaarsuit Local Council, a ship owned by the Danish Navy was preparing near the Innaarsuit island, guarding in case the situation suddenly became bad.

While residents wait for the weather forecast with anxiety. Weather predictions in the region are expected to wind up blowing with relative calm until a week ahead, while expected to rain next weekend.