Hurricane Super Maria Will Fly Taiwan, Flights Canceled

Hurricane Super Maria Will Fly Taiwan, Flights CanceledTaiwan is preparing for a super storm of Mary that will bring heavy rain and strong winds. This super storm is predicted to trigger flash floods and landslides in Taiwan. Dozens of flights had to be canceled.

As reported by Reuters on Tuesday (10/7/2018), super typhoon Maria is expected to touch the mainland of Taiwan on Tuesday (10/7) evening local time. The first region to be hit by northern Taiwan.

This super cyclone is moving west and northwest with a speed of 30 kilometers per hour. Today, the super hurricane Maria is located 490 kilometers east of Yilan County.

In anticipation of bad weather, Taiwanese military personnel have been deployed to a number of areas.

Heavy rain and strong winds are predicted to begin falling on Wednesday (11/7) morning. The fishermen in Keelung town chose to tie their ships on the dock to face this super cyclone.

Taiwan’s government ordered that schools be closed and business areas closed early on Tuesday (10/7) local time.

Premier Taiwan, William Lai, as reported by AFP, reminds local residents to remain vigilant. He urged residents to stay indoors and obey every government instruction.

Two of Taiwan’s biggest airlines, China Airlines and Eva Airways, canceled a number of flights and warned there would be more flight delays due to Maria’s super storm. Hong Kong airline Cathay Pacific Airways said dozens of flights had been canceled due to the super hurricane.

Taiwan is quite often hit by a typhoon during the summer. Local authorities have stepped up preparations for the typhoon since Typhoon Morakot crashed in 2009, killing nearly 700 people.