How’s it Like to Try a Two-Trail Trail Motorcycle?

How's it Like to Try a Two-Trail Trail Motorcycle?How’s it Like to Try a Two-Trail Trail Motorcycle?The existence of two-tailed trail motor owned modifier from Tulungagung is now a warm conversation automotive enthusiasts. In addition to unique, the motor is also a magnet to try it, how does it feel?

In order to feel uniqueness when driving, duplicate trail bikers must berboncengan. But the position of the two are contradictory, because between the driver and passengers are both holding the handlebars.

“Asik, who was riding on a motorbike backwards,” said one local newspaper journalist in Tulungagung, Dharaka Perdana,

According to him, as a passenger, he must follow the rhythm of the driver. So the vehicle speed is easily controlled. Because if rigid, it will complicate the rider and will shake.

“If it’s a good ride, I do not have a headache, but I do not know if it’s the other, but if the driver is good, it’s no different from other motorcycles, it’s just a bit long,” he said.

Meanwhile, vehicle owner Mohammad Arif Fahrudin, a resident of Sambidoplang Village, Sumbergempol Sub-district, admitted that he has not been satisfied with his creation. It claimed to make improvements by installing an electric machine on both sides of the tire.

“Currently still one and not the maximum, because the old dynamo bicycle wear.Now if the two tires are mounted then can be used for both sides of the road, while now a handlebar still I fix, later when the complete engine can be deflected,” said Arif.

In accordance with the initial design, the conjoined twin vehicles could pass for both directions by utilizing electric dynamo propulsion, so it does not require a chain.

“The engine I will also install two, he just as a battery charger.His plan like that, now still need refinement,” he said