Horror, US Women’s Chest Pierced by Flying Umbrella on Maryland Beach

Horror, US Women's Chest Pierced by Flying Umbrella on Maryland BeachA gust of wind in Ocean City, Maryland, took its toll. A beach umbrella flew and pierced a woman’s chest.

The emergency team that received the report was forced to cut off the top of the beach umbrella so they could safely transport the victim, a 46-year-old woman. It is unknown how deep the umbrella stem pierced the woman’s body.

“The umbrella flew to the beach and attacked a woman,” said a spokesman for the local city government, Jessica Waters, as quoted from Sputnik, Tuesday (24/7/2018).

“Fortunately, it is not life-threatening. But the wound is significant enough that our EMS personnel do not feel comfortable removing it. So what they do actually cuts the top of the umbrella so that it can be transported,” Waters explained.

The woman was transported to the hospital by a state police helicopter after a coast guard walking on the beach with an ATV quickly saw her.

The woman is in a stable condition and is expected to recover soon. “The witnesses said a gust of wind blew an umbrella,” Waters said.

“This is just a perfect example of what if you are not careful enough, an umbrella can be a tragic accident quickly,” he said.

Waters said beach visitors should plant their umbrellas 18-24 inches under the sand and close them when they have finished using them.

According to the WTOP, a similar incident was reported a week earlier in New Jersey, though not too bad; umbrella just clamped a woman’s legs.