Horror, Doctor’s Team Created hassles There is a glass stuck in the body of this man

Horror, Doctor's Team Created hassles There is a glass stuck in the body of this manThe team of surgeons from Guangzhou, China was recently struck by a strange and almost unreasonable incident. They pulled out a glass cup from a man’s body.

Ridiculous, the man did not know how the glass could get into his body.

The surgeon’s team thought the glass was two days inside the man’s body before the pain pierced him.

The man rushed to the hospital at 2 am, shouting for a doctor to help him.

Quickly, the doctor took X-ray photographs and found that inside his body was a glass covering his spending system.

More specifically, the glass is made of glass with a height of 8 centimeters, 7 centimeters in diameter, leaning against the top of the rectum, and can cause death if not removed quickly and carefully.

According to a local news report as reported by the Shanghaiist, doctors initially tried to remove the glass in the same way as when entering.

Using drugs to relax the men’s organs, they could reach for the glass, but it was too slippery to pull out.

Worried glasses could break if they tried to force it out, doctors instead decided to cut the man open to take a glass from his stomach.

After that, the man was treated for several days before fully recovering. But since then, when he returned to the hospital. He never told the doctor how the glass could be in his body.