Horrified! This Model Live the Extreme Shoot with Crocodile

Horrified! This Model Live the Extreme Shoot with CrocodileFor someone who works as a model, the road on the catwalk and undergoing a photo shoot in the studio is a common thing. But, what if this model had to undergo extreme shooting that could endanger his life by taking pictures with crocodiles?

Photographer Ken Kiefer did not hesitate to organize a bold shoot with carnivorous crocodiles in Chinchorro Banks, Mexico. He took a two-hour boat ride with his wife Kimber, and made Melodie Trevino’s model for shooting, before he succeeded in making the model pose underwater just a few feet away from a crocodile.

This brave model holds its breath when confronted with a deadly reptile during filming. Ken and his team also use bait to pull the crocodile and ensure the safety diver is ready to intervene if necessary.

“Kimber and I are very happy to finally get in and make a picture with this incredible predator, this is one place that beauty is amazing,” Ken said as quoted by Metro.

According to Ken there are about 500 wild crocodiles living in the middle of the Chinchorro Banks lagoon, but usually only a few come out of the mangrove forest to the fishing shack. To keep the crocodiles interesting and near the hut, they tied the fishing line that has been linked with the lionfish.

In the pictures, the model pose next to the crocodile with a smile and remain calm. Wearing red and yellow glands, Kimber and Melodie remain calm when the crocodiles approach them.