Horrified! Pedestrian Bridge in China Suddenly Collapses

Horrified! Pedestrian Bridge in China Suddenly CollapsesA bridge in China suddenly collapsed and made pedestrians who crossed there panicked. The bridge collapsed due to booming pedestrians.

Reported by The Star, Sunday (07/10/2018), the bridge is located in South China. When the incident happened there was a dragon boat race and many tourists who came.

“There are many people crammed into the bridge and make the bridge collapse,” said a staff member.

From the videos circulating, visitors heading to the Green Sand Island park via the bridge continued to cross the bridge. Suddenly the bridge collapsed and visitors panicked.

Luckily there were no fatalities in the incident. The next day, the bridge was evacuated and repaired. Visitors can already use the bridge again.

The incident occurred because the number of tourists visiting tourist attractions throughout China soared during national national holidays, a period when hundreds of millions of people were moving domestically.

Last year, the number of travelers “golden week” reached 705 million, about half the country’s population, according to China’s National Tourism Administration.