Horrified, Bats to Snakes for Sale in This Market

Horrified, Bats to Snakes for Sale in This MarketPython, rat, to bat. This is not a view in the forest, but in a market.

Extreme cuisine is easy to find in the Tomohon area, North Sulawesi. At Beriman Tomohon Market, visitors can easily find animals that are not commonly consumed by most people.

Enter the Tomohon Market, navigate to the section that sells meat. From the direction of the entrance go straight and then pass the vegetable trader.

Meat traders are relatively inward. And, get ready to be stunned. First of all is the view of dogs that are sold on ceramic tables.

These dogs are jet black because they have been burned before. Next is a paniki or bat seller. Just like dogs, bats have been burned before.

There are bats that have been discarded, some are still complete with wings. Next to him is a rat trader. This is not an ordinary mouse, but a forest rat.

The color is jet black because it has been burned. Full body for sale. The tail is still intact. The more inside, snake traders sell their pythons intact.

There are also traders who sell pythons that have been cut into pieces. Python snakes are not burned so visitors can see directly the python skin motif. Unfortunately, python is actually a protected animal.