Holy Discovery of the Mysterious Coffin from 2,000 Years Ago

Holy Discovery of the Mysterious Coffin from 2,000 Years AgoArchaeologists in Egypt are shocked by the discovery of a mysterious sarcophagus that has an unusual size. Height of sarcophagus reaches 185 cm and length more than 2 meters. Not yet known what the contents in it.

Reported by CNN, Friday (13/07/2018), black sarcophagus was found in Alexandria, Egypt on July 1 last. The sarcophagus is thought to have come from 2,000 years ago.

The sarcophagus was found buried at a depth of 5 meters. While on it there is a head statue of a man whose face is not recognized. Believed it was the owner of the tomb.

Sarcophagus is considered the largest that has a height of 185 cm, then length 265 cm and width 165 cm. Archaeologists are astonished by its size because it is unusual for the average of the ancient Egyptians.

When found, there is a layer of mortar that lies between the lid and the main part of the sarcophagus. It indicates the sarcophagus has not been opened at all since it was buried.

Until now unknown contents of the mysterious sarcophagus.