Hide 44 Gold Bars in Car, Hong Kong Man Arrested

Hide 44 Gold Bars in Car, Hong Kong Man ArrestedA Hong Kong man was arrested by customs and excise officers after being found hiding 44 gold bullion worth 11.9 million Hong Kong dollars in his car.

Allegedly the man intends to smuggle the precious metal to China. Reporting from the SCMP, the incident of smuggling of gold was reported to have occurred when the man driving the car was dismissed as it passed the Shenzhen Gulf border on July 3. When the car was inspected, the officers found a total 44 kilogram gold bullion hidden in a secret trunk on the armrest in the car.

Mainland customs officials said the car driver had confessed to knowing gold bars in his car and has now been arrested. The case of gold smuggling in China is not new this time.

Smugglers are even more active trying to bring in precious metals across the Hong Kong border into mainland China in recent months. In China, gold smugglers are threatened with imprisonment ranging from five years to life, depending on the severity of the case.

In December last year, customs officials at the border had arrested a suspected smuggler. Precisely on December 10, 2017, Hong Kong border officers stopped a driver at Lok Ma Chau checkpoint and found 11 gold bars.

Four days earlier, officials in China reportedly also stopped a 31-year-old driver on the Shenzhen Gulf border who was caught carrying 35 kilograms of gold bars. The Shenzhen Gulf border is indeed a popular entry point for smugglers, not to mention the ones carrying gold bullion. In 2016, Hong Kong border officials have stopped and arrested a 34-year-old man carrying HK $ 11 million worth of gold