Heat waves in Canada killed 70 souls

Canadian Wave Heat Victim Increases to 70 SoulsHealth officials estimate 70 deaths from an increase in temperatures that hit Quebec, Canada.

The Health Ministry said 34 deaths occurred in the city of Montreal.

Temperature has now begun to decline and Enviroment Canada estimates the highest temperature at 27 degrees celsius while the lowest at 13 degrees celsius.

The Quebec Public Health Department declared “the situation back to normal” and the agency would stop sharing current information about heat-related deaths, the CBC reported.

CBC, a CNN affiliate, reported that Montreal’s corpse was too crowded with visitors so a number of bodies had to be moved to a funeral home.

The Montreal public health office said most of the victims were killed by extreme temperatures over 60 and suffering from chronic illness.

High temperatures and humidity hit Quebec on Sunday.

As of Friday, 54 deaths, including 28 in Montreal, were reported by health officials.

Many victims over 50 years old, men, live alone without air conditioning, said Dr. David Kaiser of the Montral Regional Public Health Department.

Heat waves also hit California and parts of the Southwest United States last weekend. The highest temperature was recorded in Los Angeles.

The need for electrical power makes substations overloaded so that the flow is cut off for thousands of people. Nearly 2,000 residents are still severed in the city until Monday afternoon.