Have Points and Differences Identical Goals, Why Spain is Above Portugal?

Have Points and Differences Identical Goals, Why Spain is Above Portugal?Spain and Portugal collect the same points and aggressiveness of goals in Group B of the 2018 World Cup. However, Spain are top of the table. What is the reason?

Both teams dueled on the 2018 World Cup first matchday and drew 3-3. While on the second matchday, Portugal and Spain also won identical. Spain defeated Iran 1-0, while Portugal silenced Morocco with the same score.

Both are now equally collect 4 points with the same inserted amount of 4-3. Even so, Spain are above Portugal in Group B. Why does this happen?
That’s because Spain gets fewer yellow cards than Portugal. Of the two matches played, Spain only once got a yellow card that Sergio Busquets in the game against Portugal.

While Portugal have got two yellow cards for Adrien Silva and Bruno Fernandes. The number of yellow cards determines the fair play points which is the last rule regarding tiebreaker counting in the 2018 World Cup group phase.
There are phases of scenarios regarding team placement in the group phase standings if there are similarities that occur. According to FIFA’s official website, here are the steps:

– Number of points
– Goal difference from all group matches
– Number of goals scored in all group matches

If in the above three things are all the same between teams, the position in the next standings is determined by:

– The largest number of points earned in the group match of the corresponding antartim.
– The resulting goal difference from the group match between the respective parties.
– The number of goals scored in the group match antartim in question.
– Most points of fair play (yellow cards: -1, twice yellow: -3, direct red card: -5).
– Lottery by FIFA