Harun Yahya and the ‘Kittens’ Woman So Controversial

Harun Yahya and the 'Kittens' Woman So ControversialIn the talk show Adnan Oktar, these women are referred to as ‘kittens’ or ‘kittens’ while the men are called ‘lions’ or ‘lions’. The writer named Harun Yahya pen repelled the Turkish television supervisor in February for violating gender equality and women’s rights.

Reported by Turkish media, Hurriyet Daily News, Wednesday (11/7/2018), Harun Yahya got his own television channel called A9. It was in the television channel that the women appeared publicly.

In his talk show program, Harun Yahya often discuss Islamic values ​​and sometimes dance with young women he calls ‘kittens’ aka kittens. He also sings with the young men he calls ‘lions’ aka lions.
It is the head of the Turkish Religious Affairs Directorate (Diyanet) who denounced the controversial TV show on January 31, 2018. The event said he mixed religious conversations with women who had plastic surgery.

“There are certain religious references and he displays belly dancers.What’s that like that can be done? He seems to lose his mental balance,” Diyanet chief Ali Erbas said.

On Wednesday (11/7/2018) local time, Harun Yahya has been arrested by Turkish police in Cengelkoy area, Istanbul side of Asia. Police have accused Harun Yahya and his followers of committing crimes such as forming criminal gangs, committing fraud, and sexual abuse. Hundreds of people are suspected of being involved in the gang of Harun Yahya.