Greek Fires, Twin Children’s Bodies Hugging Their Grandparents

Greek Fires, Twin Children's Bodies Hugging Their GrandparentsGreek fireflies, twin boy’s body hugging KakeTwo twin daughters reportedly missing in a fire in Greece, were found to have died hugging each other with their grandparents last week.

Two 9-year-old twin daughters who disappeared during a raging forest fire in Greece have been found. Their bodies were found hugging each other with his grandparents, Friday (27/7).

Through the Facebook page, a family friend writes that the bodies of two of Sophia’s twin brothers and Vassiliki Philippopoulou have been identified, along with her two grandparents.

“All four are found embracing each other, even death can not separate them,” wrote Angelos Kontos on his Facebook page.

His family then hired a private detective to confirm the news.

They were found along with 22 other victims clustered at the edge of the abyss because of the besieged flames that burned around him.

The news of the disappearance of the twins was the center of attention after their father Yiannis thought he had seen them in a news coverage showing survivors coming down from a fishing boat. He then submitted an emotional appeal on national television to anyone on board to contact him.

Yiannis, who had driven the children and his parents from the southern suburbs of Athens City to the family summer home in the City of the Dead, desperately searching through all the hospitals, looking for the two daughters with his grandparents.

The hope of finding his two daughters alive was vanished when the passenger of the fishing boat informed that the girls who had been mistaken for Yannis’s twin daughters were the passengers.

The fire in Greece that raged since July 23 last it has claimed the lives of more than 90 people. More than 500 people gathered at the Greek Parliament Building Monday evening (30/7) to join in mourning and pray for the victims.

At least dozens of victims are still in critical condition at a number of hospitals in Greece.

The fire that struck about 30 kilometers northeast of the capital city of Athens reached 91 people until Monday (30/7).

Prime Minister Alexis Tsipras visits the fire site and meets with residents, soldiers, firefighters and volunteers. Tsipras claimed political responsibility for the tragedy.

The government has been questioned for the handling of the disaster even though it has disbursed a recovery fund of 40 million euro.k-his grandmother