Great! Children Genius Passed Lecture at Age 11 Years, and aspire to Become Astrophysicist

Great! Children Genius Passed Lecture at Age 11 Years, and aspire to Become AstrophysicistMost 11-year-old boys still spend their time playing and studying in elementary school.

But not for William Maillis. Although he was still a child, he graduated from college St Petersburg College in Florida, United States.

Launched from CNN on Monday (7/23/2018), Maillis walked on stage to receive an Associate in Arts degree or equivalent Diploma 3 on Saturday. “I am really impressed with William and the hard work he has done,” said the rector of St Petersburg College, Tonjua William.

“He is very intelligent, open, and collaborative,” he added. Previously, Maillis graduated from high school when he was 9 years old. “This is very fun.

It’s as difficult as anyone who reaches this stage. “Maillis started learning simple math even when she was barely two years old.

Next, he studied algebra at the age of four. When he was five years old, a psychologist at Ohio State University declared him a genius. After graduating from St. Peterburg College, the spirit of learning from Maillis did not stop there.

He plans to continue his education at the University of South Florida to realize his goals. “I want to be an astrophysicist, I want to prove to the world that God is in science,” he said.

Astrophysics is a branch of astronomy that studies the physics of the universe, including its physical properties and objects such as planets, stars, galaxies, and so on.

After earning a bachelor’s degree, he plans to earn a master’s degree. When he was declared a genius, Maillis admitted to feeling there was nothing different from him than his friends. “I am gifted in what is given to me, and others have talents in other ways,” he said.